China Coronavirus Statistics updates (June 17,2020)

发布日期:2020-07-01 10:15
Total Cases: 83265
Death: 4634 (6%)
Recovered: 78379 (94%)
Active Case: 252
Source: worldometer

As a result of China’s success in managing the virus, most businesses have reopened – including in Wuhan, the city at the center of the outbreak. Manufacturing in China, for example, is back up – to about 80 percent of usual levels – as factories reopen and workers emerge from isolation.

Although a rebound of COVID-19 will be a concern until a vaccine is developed, the infrastructure China has already put in place to manage the outbreak will empower authorities to isolate new outbreaks. Chinese authorities, for instance, have instituted virus tests in workplaces, schools, and elsewhere, and launched a smartphone app to track users’ health status. Such measures will allow authorities to respond quickly to new COVID-19 cases, as recently occurred in the northeast province of Heilongjiang, which borders Russia – a new coronavirus hotspot.

In contrast to China, several other major economies are now facing the worst of the virus, and the strategies that some governments are employing may prolong the spread.

In the US, for example, COVID-19 spread in earnest in March, and there are now already over a million cases in the country. Although the spread of the virus in the US is far from under control, some states have already begun partially lifting their lockdowns and others are planning on following. Such measures will likely lead to the continued spread of the virus, meaning that the worst of the outbreak in the US will almost certainly last significantly longer than it did in China.