China Invest Abroad

China Invest Abroad (website in Chinese: is top # 3 China Outbound Direct Investment Portal founded by International China Investment Forum (ICIF). It provide services for Government, Destination promotion authorities and companies to attract investments and visitors from China through China liaison office, online promotion and offline activities.It is a One Stop Outbound Investment resources, e-commerce, news aggregator and community portal for Chinese industry companies and business owners. The portal is powered by ICIF, access by thousands of Chinese companies. ICIF provides market intelligence and updated to Chinese investors and business owners.  

International China Investment Forum (ICIF) was established in 2002. ICIF single objective is to promote “China Go Abroad” a Chinese Government National policy in 1999. Started as a forum with few hundred companies, in the past 18 years, it has grown to a Association of SME Business Owners with 11000 corporate members. Unlike marketing firm or online promoter, Our Management team consist of experience Industry professionals, including Investment bankers, lawyers, diplomats and business owners across China.

China Invest Abroad support Outbound Investment from China.

- China State Owned Enterprises
- Chinese Private companies
- Small Medium Business Owners
- Government Linked companies
- Chinese Government and Agencies

- Government and Ministries
- Promotion Authorities
- Financial Centers
- State and City Government
- Investment Projects
- Companies