Chinese fund invest in Romania Agriculture Industry

发布日期:2020-07-01 09:40

Chinese investment fund CEE Equity Partners, the advisor of China’s Central and Eastern Europe Investment Co-operation Fund II announced the transfer of EUR 60 million as part of the deal announced in April with Brise Group, one of the largest agribusiness groups in Romania. The Romanian group will use the money to modernize and develop its grain silos.

Part of the money (EUR 25 million) goes into a new company established by Brise in partnership with CEE Equity Partners, and the other part (EUR 35 million) goes to Brise directly.

CEE Equity Partners announced that it acquired 15 grain silos and logistics hubs from Brise Group, which are now held by Bristol Logistics SA (BL). The assets are strategically located throughout the most productive agricultural areas in the country and have multimodal connections that allow road, rail and/or water trans-shipment directly within the properties.

Source: 31 July 2019 Romania Insider