WTM China Tourism Forum 2021

发布日期:2021-12-06 14:28

WTM London In partnership with China Travel Online, successfully launched WTM China Tourism Forum 2021, a high-level event on 1 November 2021, day one of WTM London at ExCel London – to explore key issues and challenges for the rapidly growing Chinese outbound market – which is the largest in the world.

WTM China Forum will be a must-attend event for anyone in the sector who is interested in the multibillion-pound Chinese outbound market. Speaker list and program agenda will be announce shortly.

Simon Press, WTM London Exhibition Director, said: We are delighted to welcome China Travel Online as the China buyer partner and media partner in China.

We have seen participation from Chinese travel and tourism firms grow over the years and last year, at WTM Virtual, we held a very interesting online debate with top China tourism experts. We are building on that success with this new partnership in 2021 and I look forward to welcoming the buyers to WTM Virtual.

世界旅游交易会在线展 WTM Virtual 
来自全球各地的旅游专业人士可以注册参加2021年世界旅游交易会WTM London,该展会将首次以创新的混合形式举行。World Travel Market (WTM) 世界旅游交易会是全球最大旅游交易展会之一。

世界旅游交易会WTM London现场展会将于英国时间2021年11月1日星期一至11月3日星期三在伦敦ExCeL举行,随后将在2021年11月8日至9日举行世界旅游交易会在线展WTM Virtual 2021
世界旅游交易会WTM London,牵手出境游网China Travel Online,邀请中国买家免费注册参加,与全球展商进行一对一视频洽谈,建立业务联系,还能免费参加所有线上活动。

WTM 中国旅游论坛
值得关注的是,在世界旅游交易会期间将在展会首日, 2021年11月1日举办WTM中国旅游论坛——聚焦新冠疫情后中国出境旅游市场及全球旅游业的机遇与发展前景。来自中国和世界各地的重量级演讲嘉宾将分享新的市场趋势,如何加强合作伙伴关系,以及开展新的业务。展会将采用Hybrid模式,这是一个新的混合形式,意味着线上线下同时举办。

·联合国世界旅游组织, 世界旅游交易会部长峰会 (Ministerial Summit)
·世界旅游交易会责任旅游奖 (Responsible Tourism Award)
·中国旅游论坛(WTM China Tourism Forum)
·旅游科技展线上技术会议(Travel Forward)
·快速洽谈,主旨演讲,研讨会(Speed Networking, Keynotes, Seminars)